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AAPI Workshop

To celebrate AAPI Month, on Saturday May 13th, the PCA Youth Center organized a workshop for the Eastern Pittsburgh community in Murrysville.

The event was held at the Murrysville Community Library as a walk-in event for all ages. There were a total of four stations that many participants were enthusiastic about. These included paper cutting, origami, face and arm painting, and water calligraphy.

At the paper cutting stations, participants were instructed by a student council member on how to trace, cut, glue, and decorate rabbits. As this current year is the year of the rabbit, many of the stations centered around this theme. There was some difficulty in cutting the paper for the younger children, especially because it was so thin, but their parents were there to help them, and they cheerfully completed their bunnies.

Right beside the paper cutting station was the origami station. At this station, participants were taught how to fold an origami rabbit. The rabbit proved to be somewhat difficult, even for adults, so other options like butterflies and swans were also offered.

The kids anticipated the face and arm painting station the most, excitedly hopping up and down while waiting. A variety of designs were offered, with many participants getting multiple. These designs included a rabbit, panda, a Chinese lantern, and some Chinese characters. The most popular was the rabbit, followed by the panda, but some participants requested designs like their favorite TV show character, which our student council member graciously painted for them.

At the water calligraphy station, participants traced Chinese characters with water on a special paper. Many also opted to draw their own designs, and this was completely fine because of the paper.

Participants really enjoyed this event, and with the cooperation of the Murrysville Library, the event and its advertising was successful. Along with the participants, we also had a wonderful experience, so in the future, we plan on hosting more fun and educational events there!

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