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Meet the team! The Student Council relies on a group of strong individuals. Feel free to contact any of our members with questions! 

Advisory Board

Aaron Peng


In the past, Aaron has been the Webmaster and Vice President. Aaron has been a part of PCA for over 4 years now. He enjoys reading, playing board games, spending time with family, playing piano, and participating in PCA events. You can contact Aaron at

Edward Mei


Edward previously served as a Co-President of the PCA Student Council. He has been in PCA for over 3 years. Edward enjoys playing soccer, coding, and helping plan PCA events. You can contact Edward at

Iris Xia


Before Iris became PCA Student Council's president, she was previously on the events team when she joined in November of 2019. Her hobbies include drawing and photography. Iris also likes to play tennis and go swimming. You can contact her at

Sophia Liao


Sophia was a Co-president with Edward before becoming a junior advisor. She is also the leader of the Variations of Art program. Sophia enjoys helping the community. In the free time, she likes making art and listening to music. You can contact her at

Jason Ma

Junior Advisor

Jason Ma is a Vice President of the PCA Youth Student Council and part of the Public Relations Committee. He likes listening to music, playing piano, and competing in Smash Bros. tournaments in his free time. You can contact Jason at

Events Planning

Colin Liang


Colin Liang joined the PCA Youth Student Council in 2021. Currently, he is the President and part of the Events Planning Committee. In his free time, Colin enjoys playing golf, learning to skateboard, and hanging out with his friends. You can contact him at

Aaron Jiang


Aaron Jiang is the Secretary for the PCA Youth Center Student Council and a member of the Events committee. In his free time, he likes reading, solving Rubik's Cubes, and playing cello. You can contact Aaron at


Ava Liu

Vice President

Ava Liu is PCA's Vice President and part of the Outreach Committee. She likes listening to music, sleeping in, and reading. You can contact Ava at

Ellen Liu

Vice President

Ellen Liu is a vice president of PCA student council and is apart of the outreach committee. In her free time Ellen likes to hang out with friends and play tennis. You can contact her at

Andrew Li


Andrew Li is PCA's Webmaster and part of the Outreach committee. He enjoys swimming, playing video games and being with friends. You can contact Andrew at

Darren Wang


Darren Wang joined the PCA Youth Student Council in 2021. He currently serves as Webmaster. In his free time, Darren enjoys reading, programming, and playing cello. You can contact him at

Rebecca Zhao


Rebecca Zhao is the reporter of PCA Youth Student Council. She enjoys violin, swimming, and hanging out with friends. You can contact her at

Angie Sun


Angie Sun is a Reporter for the PCA Youth Student Council. She has been a member of PCA since 2022. In her free time, Angie enjoys listening to music. You can contact Angie at

Sienna Li

PR Director


Apply Here!

Sienna Li is the Public Relations Director of PCA Youth Student Council. She enjoys dancing and listening to music. Sienna is also a member of a competitive robotics team. You can contact Sienna at

A note from the council:

       The PCA Youth Center Student Council is made up of student volunteers who come together under the same mission and drive---to promote love and care for the community by creating and supporting hands-on learning opportunities for the youth demographic and upcoming generation. Here at PCA, you explore ideas, encourage collaboration, inspire leadership, and connect with the community. 

       Our Student Council is dedicated to creating fun and educational events for our youth community. In general, we plan and host new events every 2 months based on public interest. Some of the past events we have held include Chinese art festivals, STEM night, career-oriented panel discussions, skill workshops such as coding or Speech and Debate, and an online escape room. Currently, we are running our Pittsburgh Online Youtuber event. In order to efficiently create events that run smoothly while maintaining our social media and website, our student council is divided into sub-committees (general managers, public relations, webmasters/bloggers, and event planners) that meet separately but come together as a whole at our weekly council meeting. Each member is essential to the overall council and is responsible for their own part. Our members develop leadership skills and learn how to collaborate and exchange ideas, allowing them to broaden and expand their network with each other and the community. In addition, members get at least 40 hours of volunteer work every year. 

         We also provide volunteer opportunities for those not in our council. In the past, we’ve organized small groups of volunteers from our PCA volunteer pool to help at the Jubilee Kitchen and the Ronald McDonald House of Charity. For general events, these volunteers may also be asked to help with proctoring, setup, and tear down at the events held by the student council as well.

        If you are interested in joining our student council or volunteer group, apply today! We welcome anyone from any background and we look forward to seeing some new faces!


The PCA Youth Center Student Council

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