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6/16/2024: 2024 Summer Field Day

The PCA Youth Center is excited to announce the upcoming Field Day Event! Join us for two joyful hours filled with a variety of fun games such as Tug of War, Capture the Flag, chopsticks M&Ms, relay activities and ending with an exhilarating water balloon showdown.



Date: Sunday, June 16 (Bring your fathers if you want!)

Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: South Hills Park (1800-2132 Brownsville Rd, South Park Township, PA 15129)

Age: 5-12 



Tug of War: Players compete in two opposing teams to try to pull a rope over the halfway point!

Capture the Flag: Compete in a team game to try and capture the opposing team’s flag across the field! 

Chopsticks M&Ms: Test your chopsticks skills by skillfully moving m&m’s into your plate!

Sponge Relay: A competitive team game where participants use a sponge to fill a bucket full with water! 

Beach Ball Relay Race: Run across the field with a Beachball to try and beat your peers in speed!

PCA 青少年中心即将举办一场热闹的“户外趣味运动会”,欢迎大家一起来玩!


我们将度过充满欢笑的两个小时,体验各种趣味游戏,比如拔河、夺旗、筷子夹 M&M 巧克力豆、趣味接力,最后还有超级刺激的水球大战!



日期:6 月 16 日,星期天(欢迎爸爸们一起来参加,共同庆祝父亲节!)

时间:下午 2:00 - 4:00

地点:南山公园 (1800-2132 Brownsville Rd, South Park Township, PA 15129)

年龄:5-12 岁



- 拔河:分成两队,比比哪队力气大,能把绳子拉过去!

- 夺旗:团队作战,看谁能成功夺取对方阵营的旗帜!

- 筷子夹 M&M 巧克力豆:来挑战一下你的筷子功力,看谁夹得又快又多!

- 海绵接力:小伙伴们一起合作,用海绵运水,最快装满水桶的队伍获胜!

- 沙滩球接力赛:抱着沙滩球,冲刺吧!看看谁跑得最快!

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