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Capturing Every Moment, Picture by Picture

What better way is there to celebrate Autumn than going outside to capture some fall aesthetic photos? November is in the midst of the Fall season, and it’s just the right time to discover a new hobby of photography. Here at PCA, we hosted a Photography Seminar led by Dr. Min Sun, an oncologist. As an avid enthusiast of photography, Dr. Sun started his avocation at the young age of 8 and completed many works. Some of his projects include photos of wild animals, nature, sports, and people. Although he enjoys all sorts of photography, his favorite style is street photography, which is capturing chance serendipities in public places.

SnapShot took place on November 7th via Zoom. The event proved to be very successful, as we had approximately 40 participants ranging from 2nd-8th grade- and parents. During the seminar, Dr. Sun spoke about the various types of digital cameras, the most suitable time to take photos, the rule of thirds, subjected background colors, and other photography tips. He also introduced his first camera, a 2 lens Seagull camera, and his second camera- a Seagull DF-1. Participants explored the wonders of photography through Dr. Sun’s showcase of extraordinary photos. His explanations were in great detail, and it was really captivating to see how there is so much thought and effort behind each click of the camera! As Dr. Sun said, photography isn’t about perfection. It’s about capturing the moment, picture by picture, and, more importantly, enjoying this beautiful form of art!

A huge thank you so much to Dr. Sun for this wonderful seminar! Thank you to the student council (Yi-Fei, Kevin, Chennie, Selena, Hannah, Iris, Edward, Aaron, Sophia, Alicia, and Matt), the counselors (Crystal, Amy, and Jefferson), for all your hard work in this event. We would also like to recognize the parents and adult council for the countless hours you put into this. Lastly, we express our appreciation to all participants, past and present, who always support and participate in our events. We hope you enjoyed this seminar and acquired a few things about photography (and maybe discovered a new area of interest!). The council is already working hard to discuss new ideas for future events, so please stay tuned for them, as we would love to have you here!

We look forward to seeing everyone very soon, and, in the meantime, please stay safe during these challenging circumstances! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any of the council members listed on our website!

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