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Coding Event Pt. 2!

Since the previous coding event we hosted in December was a success, we decided to have another event this March! This time, we had over 40 students getting introduced to new coding topics and expanding on their knowledge through exercises and projects.

Our goals, as an organization, include teaching our community and inspiring youth specifically. Technology is a very important field, especially in this day and age, so we wanted to make sure to educate youth. Hopefully, this event brought new minds to the ever growing field.

We had two groups with about 20 students in each. Students signed up for either Scratch or Python. Aaron Peng and Wilson Chen taught the Scratch group, where they learned how to use block-coding to work on their projects. Some students created a fun chase game using the arrow keys, which the teachers helped out on. The introduction to Python class was taught by Lina Fu (me) and Zoey Guo. Elementary students learned about the basics of Python, including print statements, variables, and loops. At the end of the session, students worked on a final project for a grocery shopping program. As a teacher of this group, I personally enjoyed presenting the new topics to students and collaborating on the exercises. Students in both classes clearly showcased their creativity and newfound coding abilities!

Overall, PCA’s coding events have been successful in giving young students opportunities to explore technology. Thank you to our teachers and students for making this event possible!

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