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Lost in Time

Editor: Hannah Song

A few months ago, our PCA Student Council held our first virtual escape room. We received a lot of great feedback and many participants were super enthusiastic about the idea of another escape room. Because of this, the PCA Student Council had decided to host another virtual escape room.

This time, the theme was “Lost in Time.” The participants discovered an old compass, which transferred them far into the past. They had to fix the compass in order to try to get back to the present time. In order to fix a part of the compass, the participants had to pass through different rooms, each with a designated time period. Through each room, they learned about significant events that happened in the past, ranging from the Tang dynasty all the way to America’s Roaring 20s!

Our second escape room took place on September 6 over Zoom and over 50 participants attended the event, which was even more participants than last time! They ranged from 3rd grade all the way to 7th grade. The kids were all eager to start and worked well within their teams. Overall the event was successful and fun for the participants and the council! We hope all the participants learned something and had fun! We are already planning our next event so stay tuned!

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