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Lunar New Year Event

The Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture. Tied to the Lunar Calendar, rather than the Gregorian Calendar, the holiday is traditionally a time to greet the New Year and to bring families together for feasting. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected communities and celebrations all around the world, making it difficult for people to gather for the annual Lunar New Year. Here at PCA, we’ve been working to bring our community together, even if it isn’t in person.

On February 14th, we held our Lunar New Year PCA Event, consisting of 3 different stations: Spin the Wheel Dancing, Origami, and Chinese Paper Cutting. I co-hosted the Dancing station along with Selena Xiao, a PCA Student Council Member, and it was extremely successful! Participants for this station ranged from Kindergarteners to 7th graders! After generating a list with the names of participants, they would do randomized dancing dares such as “do your favorite dance move” or “choreograph a 10-second dance”. The station was filled with laughter, and I loved seeing the kids step out of their comfort zone to try out new things!

The origami station was organized by Kevin Mao (PCA Student Council Co-President) and Edward Mei (PCA Student Council Co-Vice President). Kevin and Edward showed participants how to make an origami ox, in honor of this year’s Chinese zodiac. The finished product was very impressive, and the kids had so much fun making it!

The paper cutting station was hosted by Sophia Liao (PCA Student Council Co-Vice President) and Elaine Liao (her sister). They taught participants how to make an ox using Chinese paper cutting, which is a traditional type of folk art in China.

Thank you to the student council (Yi-Fei, Kevin, Chennie, Selena, Hannah, Iris, Edward, Aaron, Sophia, and Matt), the counselors (Crystal, Amy, and Jefferson), for all your hard work in this event. We would also like to express our appreciation to all participants, past and present, who always support and participate in our events. We hope you enjoyed this event! The council is already working hard to discuss new ideas for future events, so please stay tuned for them, as we would love to have you here!

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