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Summer Field Day!

To celebrate the coming of summer, the PCA Student Council organized a fun and exciting field day event, with 30 kids participating.

The eventful afternoon commenced with three rounds of diverse stations, each of which captured the kids’ attention in a different way. These stations included cup pong, relay tic-tac-toe, and sharks and minnows. As the kids rotated from station to station, boisterous laughter and cheering could be heard throughout.

After the stations had wrapped up and the kids were all re-energized by a quick snack break, we moved on to our big group events. Among the games were limbo, tug-of-war, and capture the flag. Each game was intense, with everyone zealously competing against each other. However, during tug-of-war, some kids were hurt due to their enthusiasm. As an organization with a commitment to safety, the PCA Student Council recognizes any faults. We are always trying to improve upon our mistakes. We believe that this experience will allow us to prevent any such injury from occurring at any future PCA event.

Afterwards, the exhilarating day came to a finale with a huge water fight, complete with water balloons and guns. The kids particularly enjoyed this event, with many labeling it as their favorite.

Overall, the day was a huge success, as the kids were able to experience the joy of summer together. We received overwhelmingly positive reception from parents and kids alike.

Lastly, we would like to celebrate the student council members that won Presidential Awards this year. We hope that their leadership and hard work will continue to inspire others and foster growth within our community!

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