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Summer Field Day Blog

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

With the arrival of summer, the PCA Student Council held an interactive and engaging field day event on the afternoon of Saturday, June 17th.

The activities planned consisted of different stations with four rotations. These involved chopsticks, water transferring, squat lines, and a fun relay race. The chopsticks station aimed to heighten the competitive spirits, concentration, and precision of the kids as they utilized chopsticks to try to move jellybeans from plate to plate. Meanwhile at the water transfer station, the kids were able to spend their energy by racing back and forth with buckets of water, having an exhilarating time with more friendly competition. They were able to warm up their bodies by having a moment to do squats, in which their determination to win was fueled by the prospect of an exciting reward. Finally, the last rotation was a thrilling relay race, which consisted of a quick game of ring toss, rock paper scissors with their legs, sone spinning, and a contest to travel while balance ping pong balls on spoons, wrapping up with the kids eagerly racing all the way back to the start.

After the stations had concluded, next came the big group events. The games involved were freeze tag, a race to collect ribbons, and finally, with much anticipation—water balloons! Each kid had an exciting time while also working themselves to do their best at each event; especially so when the time came for them to get ahold of the water balloons. This was noticeably favored by many of the kids, who participated with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Overall, the event was successful and fun for the participants and the council! The kids were able to warm up to the coming of summer together with a series of exhilarating competitions and activities, and additionally making new memories with one another.

Lastly, we would like to congratulate the student council members that won Presidential Volunteer Awards this year. Each member who hit 50+ hours within the span of the year was able to receive a certificate and medal to celebrate their leadership and hard work!

Written by: Joanna Bi

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