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Welcome, New Members!

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

The PCA student council welcomes its 3 new members, Lina, Rebecca, and Colin! We asked them for a short introduction and why they wanted to join the student council. The replies are below!


"Hi! I’m Lina, and I’m a junior at North Allegheny. I was interested in joining PCA because I wanted to be a part of the many opportunities it provides to help our community. In my free time, I enjoy baking, reading, and spending time with friends and family!'


"In general, I’m a pretty active person. I enjoy playing golf and working out at my local gym. I think this part of me also influenced my interest in watching sports. My favorite sports to watch are football, basketball, and hockey. When I saw the opportunity to join the PCA Youth Student Council, I immediately took interest because I was hooked on the idea of joining a team of people around my age to help take part in the process of organizing impactful events. Before joining, I took part in two of these volunteer events, and they made me realize I wanted to contribute in some way."


"Hi, my name is Rebecca and I'm currently in 8th grade at Marshall Middle School. I enjoy playing the violin and piano, and I swim for Allegheny North Swim Club. I would like to join the student council for the PCA Youth Center because I hope to gain more experience and leadership skills, while also helping others!"

Again, welcome to the student council, and we hope you have a meaningful and rewarding experience with us! If you wish to apply, take a look at our about pages. See you in our next event!

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