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Year In Review

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

In the past few months, the PCA Student Council has held a wide variety of fun and engaging events, amounting to a wildly successful year. Each student council member was indispensable in the designing and execution of these events.

With the coronavirus still prevalent in earlier months, the student council adapted by hosting an online escape room and virtual seminars. Through these events, we achieved our goals of providing opportunities for fun and education for the community while also maintaining safety. The council also organized a series of coding workshops, which attracted many young aspiring students excited to learn and explore.

All of our work culminated in the AAPI Heritage Month Book Drive and our summer field day. The book drive was a large-scale event set across multiple school districts. With help from donors and sponsors, the student council was able to raise nearly $3,000 for books with authors of Asian heritage. In contrast, the summer field day was focused on helping kids experience the joy of summer and make worthwhile social connections.

The student council was also committed to the greater Pittsburgh community, volunteering with other organizations to distribute food and plant trees around Pittsburgh. These events also drew in other volunteers outside of the student council who were still trying to make an impact. We also heavily collaborated with the Ronald McDonald House Charities in order to provide for those in need.

The student council was also active in spreading culture through participation in the Pittsburgh Chinese Cultural Festival and Pittsburgh’s Historic Chinatown Celebration.

We hope future events will be able to reach even more people and provide greater opportunity for growth, enrichment, and fun.

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