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Career Talk

During the Career Talk Event, we heard from four different presenters. They gave us important advice for our future self. It was a fascinating event because we learned about how to encounter challenges and embrace change.

Before we had this big event, we had to try and find ways to advertise on social media and talk to different schools about this event. The Social Media Team was able to create a poster and caption to post on Instagram. PCA also tried to advertise Career Talk to different school districts. Different PCA students were assigned to send an email to advertise Career Talk to each school. Many parents on WeChat were able to post and share this poster around their stories. PCA had to create a zoom meeting where the event would take place. We also sent thank you letters to the presenters for being able to join and talk with us.

PCA had a blast listening to the presenters and learning loads of information during this event. Some takeaways from the two days of presenting were, “Failure is just a redirection, don’t give up.” We heard this from our wonderful speaker, Leonela Pascual. Another takeaway we heard from Yuan Tao was, “GPA and IQ will get you to a good position, but your attitude and connections are what will get you farther.” Helen Feinstein told us, “You did what you thought was best at the time.” The final takeaway from this event is from Annie Cui, “You do it for yourself and it’s all in your name.” We have heard some inspirational messages during this event which will help push many kids in the future.

PCA is very grateful for all the people who signed up to listen to each presenter's talk. We want to thank the presenters for joining us because they are busy people. This event went really well and PCA will be definitely thinking about doing this next year!

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