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PCA Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Fall! PCA held its Mid-Autumn festival this weekend at Mt.Lebo for the 2nd year with many fun activities and snacks! The Mid-Autumn Festival promotes Chinese history and culture. The holiday takes place every year on the 29th of September with huge celebrations. It is traditional to hang colorful lanterns and eat delicious mooncakes. There were lanterns for sale that you could also decorate and personalize, which symbolize good fortune in Chinese culture. There were also mooncakes, a classic Chinese sweet treat.

With various activities throughout the event, there was something for everyone! There was face painting, lanterns you could make and personalize with stickers, paints, letters, etc., paper cutting of all sorts of traditional pictures and patterns, and even air dry clay for guests to make clay sculptures with! Many parents came with their kids and said that it was a very fun experience and the kids loved socializing. In addition to the activities, many kids also enjoyed playing on the playground nearby.

This event was a success, with lots of people showing up to attend! It was all smiles and laughter as PCA celebrated this monumental holiday and welcomed the new season.

Written by : Angelina Li

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