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PCA Fall Art Show

With fall in the air, PCA held its annual art show at the Mount Lebanon Library for an afternoon filled with fun, excitement, and most importantly, beautiful art! A variety of activities were offered to make the event enjoyable for all ages, such as free drawing. A blind drawing activity was also held where two partners put their cooperation and communication skills to the test. The drawer was blindfolded while the other gave directions. PCA members also drew arm paintings on participants, which was a big hit! One of the highlights of the event was the collaborative painting. Each person was given a small tile that they could personalize and glue onto the painting. With each person contributing to the painting, the result was an intricate painting that truly was special! The son of Hedy O’Biel, who is known for her expressive abstract paintings and two-time winner of the Jackson Pollock-Lee Krasner Foundation Award, spoke at the event. He shared with everyone a piece from her titled “Strength” and called on the audience for their personal interpretations on the meaning of the piece. Overall, the event was a success, emphasizing the deep impact that different forms of art can have.

Check out Hedy’s amazing art here!

Created by: Angie Sun, Angelina Li, Andrew Li

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