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A Night of Virtual Trivia

Time really does fly as the end of summer rapidly approaches! I’m sure we’ve all reflected on how the global pandemic inevitably impacted our lives this summer and how it will continue to in the uncertain future. However, one thing that we do know for certain is that here, at PCA, we will continue to support our communities and strengthen our outreach in any way we can during these circumstances--- we’re in this together. Because our interactions are somewhat limited due to the circumstances of the pandemic, we hope to connect and unite our communities through our online events. It is extremely important, especially during these times, to create and encourage more opportunities to support, communicate, and interact with each other.

After the success of our first Escape room online event and our ongoing Youtuber events, our student council was eager to plan another virtual event. After careful discussion and consideration, we decided to host an online trivia event. Our vision was to provide kids with an opportunity to learn some interesting new facts while interacting with others in a friendly but competitive online environment. We asked trivia questions based on topics including math, history, science, literature, and random facts. Each team would have the opportunity to challenge every other team and the team ending with the most points would win.

On August 1, we held the event on Zoom. The turnout was fantastic- we had around 40 participants ranging from 2nd-7th grade. The participants were divided into teams of 4-6 based on age. Two student council members were assigned to each breakout room and every team would move through each breakout room and get quizzed on a different topic. As a student council member, I was in charge of a breakout room with my fellow council members Sophia and Aaron. As each team faced off, it was so refreshing to watch the kids participate with such a high level of enthusiasm! Each team displayed teamwork skills and collaborated with such an encouraging spirit. Their enthusiasm was contagious and I felt this event was very enjoyable for both the kids and our council members!

Thank you to our past and present participants who support and participate in our events. Behind the scenes, our student council members and parents put a lot of time and effort to make our events run smoothly and enjoyably. Thank you to our student council (Crystal, Yi-Fei, Kevin, Alicia, Matthew, Chennie, Hannah, Sophia, Edward, Aaron, Iris), the counselors (Amy and Jefferson), and the parents for their countless time and efforts.

With the conclusion of last weekend’s trivia event, we have now successfully held so many online events during this pandemic. Each event is so well received that it drives us to plan more exciting and fun events. To all of our participants- we hope you enjoyed our trivia event! We are already discussing new ideas for our next events, so make sure to stay tuned! We wish you all to stay healthy and safe during these times and look forward to seeing you very soon!

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