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PCA Induction Day

Updated: Aug 27

With a new year rolling around for PCA Youth Center, North Park’s Olympia Shelter was the place to be with Induction Day and Orientation! The 2023-2024 Student Council gathered together to do introductions, team building and bonding.

To kick off the first event of the year, our new leadership board introduced themselves and everything they could expect and look forward to in the exciting year ahead. New members proceeded to introduce themselves, taking the first step in their journey of becoming an integral part of PCA. Icebreaker activities followed right after, starting with the sandwich game, where everyone said their name and a topping they would add to our hypothetical group PCA sandwich, with each person progressively reciting all the previous people's names and toppings. Afterward, the whole group played a few rounds of duck-duck-goose, using each other’s names as replacement for the word “duck”.

Not long after, the big group then split into their respective teams, Outreach and Events Planning, where both furthered their in-depth introductions and team building with one-minute elevator pitches, and Outreach went on a short hike through beautiful North Park for continued team bonding. Finally, the two teams regrouped and joined together for some pictures and a potluck of shrimp, watermelon, cookies and many other delicacies to bring an exciting induction day to a close!

PCA had an extremely successful first day and event of the new year, with first year members learning the ins and outs of what to expect this year with PCA and team bonding between everyone! Keep an eye out for events coming in the future; we are looking forward to another amazing year with PCA!

Blog written by: Angelina Li, Andrew Li, Angie Sun, and Lydia Tang

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