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PCA Meditation Event

The student council recently hosted a meditation event where we invited psychology student Eric Chen to share his experience with meditation, how it positively impacted his life, and how he started a meditation group in his high school. The event was largely successful, with over 20 participants of parents and students alike!

Eric opened by discussing how meditation had personally impacted his life and his peers. He emphasized how meditation was highly beneficial both to his academic performance and emotional wellbeing, especially during the pandemic. Meditating for even only 20 minutes each day still had significant stress relieving effects.

Inspired by his own personal gains, Eric decided to open a meditation group in his high school for anyone consumed by stress. He received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and many members of the group reported higher overall happiness.

His instruction was very helpful and informative. After first running through the basics of meditation, including its benefits and how it is performed, Eric walked us through a 10 minute meditation session. Throughout his presentation, mindfulness was brought up a number of times. Mindfulness is closely tied with meditation, which is the state of being more aware and focused on the present, rather than thinking about the past or future.

Thank you to Eric and everyone else who attended our event; if you missed this one, make sure to stop by and check out our coding workshop in December!

- PCA Student Council

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